How would Metalheads save the princess from the Dragon?

Heavy Metal: Our Hero enters the scene on a Harley Davidson, kills the Dragon, drinks some beer and f**ks the princess.

Power Metal: Our Hero enters the scene riding a white unicorn. He flees from the dragon, saves the princes and makes love to her in an enchanted forest.

Thrash Metal: The Hero fights the dragon, saves the princess and then f**ks her.

Folk Metal: Our hero arrives with some friends who play accordion, violins, flutes and other strange instruments. The Dragon falls asleep (being tired after dancing etc.) Then they leave the castle all together... without the princess.

Death Metal: The Hero arrives and kills the Dragon. Then he f**ks the princess and kills her too. Finally he steps away.

Black Metal: Our Hero arrives at midnight, kills the Dragon and impales him in front of the castle. Then he sodomizes the princess and before he kills her, he drinks her blood in a ritual. Finally he impales her too next to the dragon.

Doom Metal: Our Hero arrives. He understands the Dragon is really huge for him to deal with, and thinks that he will never be able to beat him. He gets depressed and commits suicide. The Dragon eats his body and the Princess as a dessert. ...And this is the end of a very sad story.

Progressive Metal: Our Hero arrives with one guitar and he plays a 26-minute solo. The dragon finds it so boring that he commits suicide. The Hero enters the princess bedroom and he plays another solo with every technique he learned last year in music school. Finally the princess escapes searching for the Heavy Metal Hero.

Industrial Metal: Our Hero arrives wearing a filthy coat and he insults the Dragon by extending his middle finger. Finally the bouncers throw him out of the Fairyland.

Speed Metal: Suddenly a short-time solo is filling the air... the Dragon gets confused. Someone is screaming strange things. The princess realizes she just lost her virginity. The Dragon and the princess are still searching for the guy who did that.

Glam Metal: Our Hero arrives. The Dragon laughs because of the Hero's appearance, and lets him enter the castle.

Our Hero steals the princess' make-up and plans to paint the castle a wonderful pink color, while the princess wonders where all the men have gone?

Nu Metal: Our Hero arrives with a damaged Honda Civic and tries to fight the Dragon, but unfortunately he dies after his ridiculous colorful wide clothes caught fire